The Art of a Nap

5 Oct

I better make this one quick, but I have nothing to do right now because Mrs. Pickle is busy… sleeping. I have known this since the day I first met her, but she is a Master Sleeper. The woman can sleep 24 hours in a day if you would let her. She just loves to sleep.

Wait, did you get that? Let me just make sure. She loves sleeping. I can only hope that the Baby Pickle will get that same love of all things eyes-closed as well. Myself? I don’t ever nap. Well there was this one time… but that was in college when staying up until 3 AM was the norm.

Now that we (and by “we” I mean “she”) are pregnant, the napping has become not only a suggestion but a necessity. And me being the understanding, smart husband I am oblige this on any day I can. But did you know there is actually rules to napping? Me either. Which is why I now choose to share.

Until the next time….



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