It’s The Little Things

8 Oct


No I am not making a reference to myself. I am talking about the tiny sugar candy. Who knew one box of Nerds could do so much damage?

Yesterday afternoon while I was enjoying an afternoon of football and relaxation, Mrs. Pickle consumed a seemingly helpless snack of Nerds. What we have learned since then is this:

a) Don’t eat Nerds


b) Seriously, don’t eat Nerds.

Those little tasty morsels sent Baby P into a fit of rage that would consume the whole evening, night, and morning. Wave after wave of nausea that would have sent me into the fetal position (now we know why they call it that??) has put Mrs. Pickle out of commission. I feel really sorry for her, partly because it is my fault and partly because I can do nothing to help.

Isn’t it funny how the little things in life really affect us? Who would have really thought that a small box of Nerds would make her so sick? And who would have thought a child would ever reject a candy snack?

On the flip side there have been some incredible little things associated already with this little thing we’re working on. Like being able to see and hear it’s heart pump at >175 bpm.

It is often said that “It’s the little things in life you really appreciate”… We are learning and appreciating that more and more each day.


One Response to “It’s The Little Things”

  1. birminghambell October 8, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    I see this, and am fortunate that candy hasn’t made me sick with either pregnancy! Not to say I wasn’t throwing up this morning, but I DO keep my candy down during the day! And I eat a lot of it. We may actually give birth to a gummy bear in 6 months. I hope she feels better!!! She can read about me feeling like garbage from “morning” sickness with our first at It’s always nice to see your not the only one out there having a hard time!

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