Sleep Dep Prep

14 Oct

No guys, that’s not a typo. I am currently up and working on my Sleep Dep Prep. It’s 11:00 PM and to be honest I haven’t stayed up past 11:00 PM in 6 months. Shoot, I’ve seen 11:00 PM only a handful of times in the last two years! But what’s that have to do with Sleep Dep Prep? Everything! I’m building my tolerance to Sleep Deprivation.

Mrs Pickle is not and has not been preparing for the looming lack of sleep to this point, and I can’t blame her. She’s doing a great job growing a human, so I’ll let her sleep. But I feel that my job starts to get hard after the delivery and like any fine-tuned athlete would do, I’ve started intense training.

I want to take a minute and acknowledge that yes, I do know it’s “sad” I have turned to such an old man and sleep 8 hours a night. Yes, thank you, I do remember the glory days in college when 2 AM was an early evening. That also was a time when Ugg boots and short skirts dominated the scenery.
… God I hope I don’t have a girl.

Back to my training. Just like drinking beers at 7,220 ft above sea level makes you look like a god during your beachside spring break, I firmly believe that this Sleep Dep Prep will make me a masterful midnight diaper changer. Obviously my bachelor’s degree should have been in awesomeness.

What does this training consist of? I’m so glad you asked. I picked up a few books to read (Shantaram and Cloud Atlas) before bed as well as my nightly journey on Flipboard. I’m on my way to sustaining on < 6 hours of sleep and maintaining full cerebral functionality. As I'm sure you're realizing by my extensive vernacular, the training appears to be an immediate success.

On a serious note, these are the things I am looking forward to come May. I am sure it sounds crazy but I will be more than happy to change a diaper, or give Baby P a bottle, or rock them back to sleep at midnight (or 3 AM) because that is time well spent. It is no joke or surprise that we have a very definite cap on our time. So even if it means I don't get my sleep, I'm planning on using that time in a much better way. With that in mind I continue my trek on Sleep Dep Prep!

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