Airport Strollin’

26 Oct

Two days ago I was sitting in the airport waiting to catch a flight when a family ran by. Completely hectic — the mom carrying a baby, the dad holding the hand of a toddler while lugging a stroller in his other arm. Baby bag over his back. Suitcase in tow.

And it hit me. I just saw future me. Holy cow. I mean I have witnessed the airport family many, many times. But this time I really took notice. People tell me often to “travel now, while you still can” and I scoff. I mean, sure traveling with a baby will be tougher, but I can handle it. I’m a man!

Seeing the stressed look on that father’s face though has dropped me back to reality. Mrs. P and I have traveled a lot and I have no regrets, but I am beginning to understand how a child makes traveling a little more difficult. Hey, I’m not shying away — the Dill’s will travel with Baby P. I just see the difficulties involved and am taking note.

In other news we were able to see Baby P yesterday! Mrs Pickle has an aunt that works in an ObGyn office and she really wanted to see the Kid, so much that she setup a ultrasound for us while we are visiting in Iowa. Crazy to see how much bigger it’s gotten in just a few weeks!! Blows me away every time we see this growing baby. It still measures about 5 days ahead of “schedule” which means our German heritage is carrying right on down the line. Big, stubborn babies. It’s what ze Germans do.

Somebody cracked a joke that made Mrs P laugh and sent the baby into karate kid mode. That’s right, I’ve spawned a ninja warrior! It’s little appendages look like sausage links, and you can see the little nose. Also it’s stomach and bladder showed up, indicating that it is already swallowing and that the kidneys are working!! Can you believe that?!? Baby P, growing up so fast. It was completely breath-taking.

And I’m sure it will only get better from here.


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