When “It” Becomes…

2 Nov

Let me just start by saying the last 48 hours have been full of amazingness and I want to kick it right off with this jewel from our most recent ultrasound:


Baby P has a big nose eh? No?? OHHHHHHHHH!

Listen, it’s early I know. Things can change, I get it. People who have been reading ultrasounds for 25 years get it wrong, it happens. But in our 21st century American society you are guilty until proven innocent, and this baby is no different. This thing has a thing and I’m calling it a boy!

Funny side story — The sonagrapher asked if we were planning to find out the sex, to which we answered “Yeah, when that time comes”… she says “OK… well…(puts the pointer and question marks on the snapshot)… I’m not sayin’ guys but uh, are you seeing this?!”. We were like WHOA! She then took about 7 more snapshots just like the one above and even compared it to the umbilical cord. I think she was just as surprised as we are. Anyway….

A boy? A BOY! Holy crap are we looking at a boy? Of course I am going to love this child whether it is a boy or a girl. That can go without saying but I feel it needs stated. I want to also be honest and say since I met Mrs. P, I have wanted a girl for two reasons: a) odds are she would grow up to be somewhat like her perfect mother and b) the pictures of Mrs. P as a child are the cutest pictures ever. But what guy in their right mind wouldn’t want a boy!? A BOY! Here are some of the thoughts that have raced through my mind since we saw this image:

  •     How soon is too soon to buy a baseball mitt?
  •     Will he understand that the draw play brings in the safeties and allows for you to pass vertically?  I mean seriously I still haven’t been able to teach his Grandpa that.
  •     Crap. He is going to think Lebron James is the greatest basketball player ever. That sucks.
  •     He is going to think that Peyton Manning is the greatest QB ever. That rocks.
  •     He’ll need to know that bands like Boston, CCR, Journey, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Steely Dan, Steve Miller Band et al is the best music money can buy. No problem there.
  •     Wait, how did Dad teach me to throw a spiral?
  •     Reminder: Girls do have cooties.
  •     This time next year will he be able to go to Wyoming football games? Why not?? Must consult with Mrs. P on this one.
  •     Listening to any sports event play-by-play on the radio is just as good as the TV.
  •     Will he love to hunt and fish? I hope so. Fly fishing is just good for the soul.
  •     Speaking of outdoors, there is nothing better than waking up early in the mountains on a mild July morning. Ok then, he’ll need to go camping.

Obviously I have a lot to prepare for. Most of all he’ll need to know how to respect people, be honest, and try his hardest. I can only teach that by example — and that is the most overwhelming thought of all. Sobering moment: What if I am not the example he needs?

But enough of that talk. This is time for celebration! Baby P has become a “he”!


One Response to “When “It” Becomes…”

  1. Heidi Dill December 8, 2012 at 5:59 am #

    We would always pray, ” Lord, make me the parent that my child needs me to be.”

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