Giving Thanks, Post Thanksgiving

28 Nov

Ahh November. The Thankful Month. For roughly 2012 years people have spent the month of November thankful for many things. The year gone by, another successful harvest crop, family, friends, veterans, or even Boxing (if you’re Canadian). So we thought we’d go ahead and join the party seeing how 2012 gave us plenty to be thankful for!

In February, we took a trip with Mrs. Pickles brothers and their ladies to Vegas. Can’t really talk about anything else.

In March we packed up again and headed to Phoenix to watch some spring training baseball. A couple of nights before we left my brother asked his girlfriend to marry him. The whole proposal was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and included a homemade video and lots of crying. Me? No I didn’t cry. I just filmed it. Once we got to Phoenix, we walked into the ballpark just in time to see Albert Pujols smash a HR. Then he hit another one. Then he hit one off of the top of the outfield wall. Why be thankful for that? We saw something most of Los Angeles didn’t see for the rest of the year!

In April Mrs. Pickle had a birthday, which is a day I am particularly thankful for.

In May I got to go up north to good ol Canada for a few days of work. They didn’t like me too much; almost didn’t let me in. I said “Oh please, don’t break my heart”. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular, and Lake Louise is something everyone should see. Pure beauty. The Mrs got to fly also — to Hawaii for a “work conference”. Yeah. And I am 6’7″ who was one MCL short of playing in the NBA (I’m not, and they didn’t do much “work”). We’re extremely thankful for two amazing jobs.

In June we tied the knot! A year of anticipation and frantic planning came down to one night that gave me enough to be thankful for years. But we didn’t stop there. We went right on a honeymoon in St Lucia. Unforgettable. Couldn’t say thanks enough to all of our friends and family who helped us celebrate!

In July we were fortunate enough to score tickets to the Kenny Chesney Brothers of the Sun Tour! My brother and his fiance came down to enjoy it with us. What an unforgettable night! I don’t think we’ve ever had so much fun… and we sang almost every word to every song. It was epic.

In August we spent a long 5-day weekend in northern Minnesota at a lake house of an Aunt. The hands down best vacation I have ever been on, in my opinion. Nothing to do but drink a beer, sit on the lake side, fish, boat, swim, and just plain relax. Thanks for the refresher Minny.

In September I celebrated a birthday! Thank God for another year to get to do everything I’ve ever wanted. We also took a trip to Mexico to see two great friends get married. What a party! Oh yeah, and we found out we were gonna be having a little one. I’ll never forget when Mrs P dropped the “I’m prego” line on me. I was setting up to draft my fantasy football team… and I danced around the kitchen entire night. I don’t remember my methodology for picking players, but that team is 9-3 and I am in 1st place — I did something right. I am incredibly thankful for what the future looks to bring us 🙂

In October Mrs P flew to Iowa and surprised her Aunt for a week. I flew out and joined her mid-week. We carved pumpkins with the cousins, went to a hockey game, and just had an awesome time. We are so thankful for our family, they are truly the best.

In November we went back to Iowa for the annual Thanksgiving/Christmas get together on Mrs P’s side of the family. Toured a whiskey distillery. Ate too much food. Watched the ladies’ fill of football (I could really never get enough). Played cards. Joked and teased. Can I say again how thankful we are for family? On top of that, this year has been one trip after another. Have to say thanks for all the safe travels! And yesterday we had another checkup for Baby Pickle. Everything is going really well so far, and besides some nausea and just general discomfort, Mrs. Pickle has had a pretty good time. They also officially called the baby a BOY!

December has its usual things. I’ll be travelling for work (for the 8th month in a row?), Mrs P will be busy growing a baby, Christmas time will come sooner than we think or are ready for, we’ll spend more time with family, and we’ll love every minute of it. What a crazy year.

Looking back on it all, there is so much to be thankful for. So let me just say it: Thanks!



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