If Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder….

12 Dec

Full Disclosure (because I hide sooo much from you guys) : I am writing from Houston.

I am not one to subscribe to anything anyone else is doing. Unless it’s super cool, then I’m all over that shit. But if I feel pressured to put a “Baby-on-Board” sign in my car window, I’m more likely to put a sign up that says “Get YOUR Baby On Board”. It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s just how I was built.

I instantly bristle when people tell me things that include, but are not limited to:
“Give it (marriage, living together, the premise of a mate) a few years, you’ll understand”
Oh, I’m sorry, did someone die and make you relationship extraordinaire? Sorry your marriages (plural) have not worked out, I can see why that would make you think you’re special. Maybe someday you’ll understand, you’re not.
“You’re already having a baby? Wow that was quick!”
Apparently you haven’t heard how a baby is made. See, when a man loves a woman…..
“Ohhh man! Travel while you can and enjoy your sleep! There is so much you can’t do with a baby!!”
Yeah? Watch me. A baby is not a burden, it’s an extension of me.

Society is full of these silly things. Here is one that is very applicable right now: “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”
Really? Pray tell, what does having the heart close to whatever you love do? I have to travel often for work, but I have never “enjoyed” being away from my wife. Call me naive (I dare you); I would rather be fond of her right next to me. And looking toward the future, throwing a baby into the mix… Man that will make being away from home even better, right?! Wrong.

If distance makes the heart grow fonder, then proximity to the ones you love is immeasurable.

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