Completely Wedded

17 Dec

The Mrs and I took a big step forward in our married life today. We synced our Apple products to the same iTunes library.

I know — Big step right? Buying a house was easy compared to this. Wedding day shenanigans? Hit me again, and this time put some pepper on it. Hell we bought a new truck in 3 hours, from conception of idea to signing documents in the Brandon Dodge finance office.

Binding your Apple products into one seamless, wholly integrated, fully functioning system? That is a whole different story. I have long believed that Steve Jobs haunts people from his grave. I don’t want to get into it too deep, but let’s just say there is reason to believe he knew exactly what auto-correct was doing when it corrects things like “vivacious” to “penis”. True story. I appreciate the compliment Steve, but why do you haunt us? Mostly for the fun of it. Why else would a product designed to be the most user-intuitive in the world be so dang hard to switch from one computer to another. And hey, Steve, it’s not even going from a Mac to a PC or vice versa. I had the devices synced onto a MacBook, and wanted to bring them onto my iMac. You would have thought I wanted to enter North Korea.

Well long story short, after 5 hours of painstaking detail we now have a pretty great iPhone setup. One Dill family iCal? Check. One simultaneous contact list? Yes sir. Finding a way to transfer thousands of illegally downloaded songs onto my new (actually surprisingly secure) iMac? If you are the FBI — no I did not just do that.

Yes I did. It was awesome. Hey if Stevie can trip on enough LSD to get us both through a lifetime, I figure I am allowed to back door some illegal music onto my computer for jam sessions. Currently I am just rockin’ out to Caroline by Old Crow Medicine Show. The speakers are at 11. Hey,i f you haven’t jammed to that, you haven’t lived. Did I pay $1.29? No.

Wow this got out of hand quickly…I feel like this post has taken a right turn toward soapbox-land. Let’s reel it back in.

Today was a monumental day. Today shook the world. Today we took the ultimate step in commitment toward our future. We took two iPhone lives and made them one. We are now completely wedded.

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