Mary X-Muss

24 Dec

Disclaimer: I really hate typing the title I just did, but blogging is about adaptation. And I have to adapt to the language my audience can understand — preliminary research on Facebook has shown my audience to be both teenagers and ~50 year old adults. Neither one can spell a damn thing correctly once social media gets involved.

Mary X-Muss everyone! It’s a jolly time of the year, a time filled with food, and presents, and food, and lights, and decorations, and food… And food. The important things in life, right? Long gone are the days of Christmas Eve services, reading the real Christmas story (Luke chapter 2 is a great place to start), Nativity sets, and acknowledging the fact the world changed in a stable roughly 2012 years ago. And it just makes a guy wonder… Where is our society headed? As a soon-to-be-Dad this trend is more than slightly bothersome. By the time my son is ~6 will he even know what Christmas really is? Or will it all be about making sure he has the same amount of presents as any future sibling; all about a fat guy in a red suit visiting every single house in the World only 4 nights removed from the shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere.

Christmas is so much more! And aside from the fabulous time with family, and the amazing food, and the presents that show the thoughtfulness of friends and family… How come we all but ignore the greatest gift of all time?

I’ll admit I haven’t been the best at remembering the reason for the season, but there is something about impending fatherhood that takes me back to my roots. I remember sitting in my grandparents basement and grandpa reading the story of the birth of Christ. It means a lot to me to get back to those true important things in life. Next year it will be my turn to start planting the roots!

In other Christmas news, we are 20 weeks away from being real life parents. Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun eh? As fast as these last 20 weeks have been I hear the next 20 seem to drag on as slow as winter in Minnesota.
Actually that would be welcomed. We haven’t done a thing in the baby room yet.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!


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