Dills Do Christmas

25 Dec

Remember how yesterday I was all “Ohhh we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas, blah blah blah”? Well that was before I opened my presents.
I mean the true meaning of Christmas is the awesome presents your wife buys you, and that’s a fact. Let’s take Exhibit A for example:

This is exactly what you thought it was: pure awesomeness. This ol’ bird will give you 7 of the hap-hap-happiest minutes of your life, and then you can charge it up and start the cycle over! That’s right! It has rechargeable batteries!! How neat is that. Honest to God, I stand before you and say that in all my 25 long years of life no present has brought me such joy. For further backup, I’ve even included some videos.

This present is so amazing, even Moegley wants in on it.

Today we woke up to a couple of inches of snow — our first White Christmas in recent memory — and started on the food. When we do a Christmas feast, there is no messing around. Starting with smoked baby-back ribs and ending with rotisserie Prime Rib, we usually end up lying of the floor and flying our remote-controlled helicopters (if you got one). One more picture from our wonderful Christmas

The fire was blazing, the coffee was percolating, it was cold as crap but boy was it fun.

I hope everyone had just as enjoyable Christmas as we did. Next year maybe I’ll come back to all that true meaning of Christmas stuff… Or maybe I’ll just be flying my toys.
More than likely I’ll be putting together all the toys my son scored from his over-spoiling grandparents. Don’t act like you don’t know who you are.


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