Adios Tinkerbell

29 Dec

Every single time I read that title I say it just like Ralphie does in A Christmas Story. If you haven’t watched that movie (as the Mrs hadn’t until this wonderful holiday season) then you obviously don’t watch any TBS on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Here is a summation for anyone who hasn’t seen it:

The baby room preps have begun! When we purchased this house earlier in the year the two upstairs rooms were set up for boy-girl twins. The boy room was just painted blue, so it was an easy choice to make the guest room. The other room can only be described as disgusting. Let me paint you a picture. The bottom half of the wall is a lime sherbet green, the top half is a pale yellow (I would compare it to the same as yellow snow) and it is split with a majestic wallpaper border of Tinkerbell. I pity the little girl who lived in this room; our 6-yr old niece wasn’t even digging this room. I mean it was a disaster. So as it was the obvious choice to get a makeover, we reserved it as the baby room.

Yesterday, after months and months of avoiding it, we said A-dios Tink. The wallpaper came down really easily with the help of some vinegar and water. We even took a trip to the Mrs’ favorite store, Home Depot, and picked out some paint samples! This baby room stuff is too easy. By the end of the day we even had some small samples painted on the wall and (buckle up for this one) a color picked out! ALL IN ONE DAY!

Oh what, you’re not impressed? Well based on the fact it took us 5 months to start this process I’d say getting all that done in one day was a major victory.

We’ve always been anti-theme for a baby room. At the end of the day Monkeys, Elephants, Dogs, etc only last for so long until they are out of favor with the room-dweller. We are hoping for something that can last and be easily adapted down the road. In complete honesty it really is a desperate attempt by an expectant dad to avoid as much future work as possible. So for the entire baby room we are not really wanting to get too gender-ish, and as always wanted to stay classy. Our main inspiration comes from a Pintrest post — no surprise there.











Everybody in the world is saying “These people are nuts, that is not a baby room!”. Surprise! We already knew that, it is just an inspiration. And really the only inspiration is the coloring. Honestly who wants to put their baby room in the foyer? Not these guys. The contrast of the grey walls, white trim/ceiling and black furniture looks pretty slick and can easily be spiced up with whatever color we want. The next biggest challenge lies in finding black baby furniture that meets our specs.

Again this should be painfully simple, but we’ve found it’s not. We really have our sights set on either a sleigh or classic style crib. As I alluded to before, it has to be black. What is surprising is that we have found tons of sleigh and classic cribs, but they are mostly in white or espresso. Espresso. That color is the bane of my existence right now. It is darker than just brown, but not really black. In the opinion of Mrs. Pickle it actually is the farthest thing from black. So we turn our focus to the color black… and wouldn’t you know that black cribs abound! Just not in sleigh or classic styling. Back to square one. The trips to look for cribs mostly just make us frustrated. “Look! There is a black one! Ah crap it’s espresso.” or  “Oh! I love that one!… You’re kidding me, it’s in five different colors but not black??” Sometimes you can’t help but feel a little too picky about it but there is no reason to settle for anything less than you want. Onward we march.

I am optimistically hoping that as we’ve popped the top on this chore it will be a downhill slide from here. I recognize it as a slippery steep downhill slide, but it should be downhill nonetheless. And as always we’ll keep you in the know with the progress!


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