A Room Takes Shape

20 Jan

It always feels great to take a step in a direction. Most times I prefer a step in the right direction, but truly I just enjoy moving in a direction. I have never nurtured a “let’s wait around and see” attitude, and today we definitely kicked it into high gear and started moving. I think, if we are honest with ourselves, both Mrs. Pickle and I are scared shitless at the fact that any time in the next 3-4 months this baby will decide it’s time to come. And we aren’t close to being ready. Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving is there?

Today we purchased a nursery set. As I detailed a while ago when we said “Adios, Tink“, we are not really wanting to go too theme-y. We also are trying for a very particular crib style, and hadn’t had a lot of luck finding it. Well that all changed yesterday when I found the Stork Craft Monza II. Not only is it a (relatively) even-sided classic crib but it is black. That glorious flint. Precious ebony. Black. Checkity-check it. I am one proud dude:










It fits everything we were wanting. Has a classic look, convertible to a toddler bed, sturdy build, and what else…. hmm… oh yeah. It’s black. Guess what else? It has a whole set that comes with it. We don’t have the world’s largest baby room, so we really only needed one other piece. Also, it had to be black. I said “no problem”.










Gosh I am good. Ok so we have two of the most crucial pieces of the nursery purchased and on their way to the Jar. What a relief! For all you worried people who think we’re stupid and forgot the mattress, you need to step back and remember who you’re dealing with. Not only did we remember you need a mattress, we researched it and found the best rated mattress that we could find. Ok, I researched and found the best mattress. Either way our baby Nolan will be sleeping on the most comfortable hypoallergenic high density thermo-bonded fiber core mattress out there (The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams).

Now that we have a good jump on the furniture that will be in the little guys’ room for a while, I want to show you a couple other inspirations. The closet has been something we’ve went back and forth on. We’d like it to be as clean and classy as the rest of the room, but weren’t sure how we would get there. Until I went onto Pintrest. Let’s just be honest with ourselves now: Every good idea out there can be found on Pintrest. For years I have been unsure how music can still be original — there are only 8 notes to work with on a musical scale. I mean how many ways can you arrange 8 notes?! And rap has clearly shown they have run out of original material as pretty much every song is a sample of some old crooner. I digress (I don’t know what it is with me, this blog, and side-rants… but I love it).

Ok where was I? Ah yeah, Pintrest. Thanks for the great ideas:










This isn’t really a closet that they used here, but we will be outfitting a true closet. It is a very slick way to get storage and still reek chic. (I am not sure I used that word in the right context but give me at least some credit to be a male that used the word “chic” and make it rhyme. Actually I am not sure I want that credit. Shoot. Where is the strike-through option on this damn blog… eh…ummm… never mind I’ll just own it. It’s chic.)

The beauty of this closet is that it takes on a variety of solutions for us. It gives you a few options of shelving storage, and within that it gives you a few directions to go with color. As we currently just have black, gray, and white as a base color scheme — well then this gives us the opportunity to spray some color around using the storage bins. We could (and will) also do this in our bedding options.

On top of it all, since Pintrest is such a loving, sharing beast we have another little inspiration. I am going to stand up and take credit for this one too, mostly because I have this insanely odd obsession with libraries. I want a library in my house. I am always trying to get Mrs. Pickle to buy into these library ideas, but she usually just shakes her head and mutters something like “Holy crap dude”. Take for instance my newest idea: a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the foyer. With a ladder, kind of like a Barnes & Noble. Sounds pretty badass right?? RIGHT!?! See babe, I told you they would love it. Anyway, let’s get back to Pintrest and see this finisher to the baby room inspiration:










Couple of things to note here. A) It already has our color scheme so I can see that it is going to look awesome. B) We won’t be surrounding the crib. Actually we have a window seat and have just the right amount of space to set two bookshelves on each side of this window. It’s going to be awesome. For those wondering, I’ve already tried with the white couch idea but I didn’t want to give myself a perpetual doghouse to sleep in. Plus, and this is a biggie, I don’t want to move a couch into that room and then out of that room within a two-year window. That seems like a lot of unnecessary work.

So now the whole world knows what we want our baby room to look like once finished. No pressure on me now, is there? I’ll keep you posted.


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