Violent Cuteness

21 Jan

What do Chris Brown and Baby Nolan have in common? ERRGH, wrong. They’ve both hit a woman. That’s right people, CB hit Rihanna. I don’t care if she asked him to do it, a hit is a hit.
Speaking of hits, this baby has got a mean right hook on him. Lately he has been demonstrating this new skill often and I have to be a quiet, measured mix of proud and sad. Proud that my son has a little fight in him, sad because when Mrs P gets a little fist in the ribs I would be stupid to laugh. But it’s funny! About four times (that I’ve witnessed) in the past week Mrs Pickle will all of the sudden jump, wince, and mutter “knock it off punk!”. It’s awesome. One night I was having a nightly conversation with the boy discussing the utter disgrace that is the pick-and-roll in the NBA, when WHAM! he got me. Right in the hand, which was close to my face. Not bad for a guy with his eyes closed! It truly is the perfect mix of violence and precious cuteness.

This kid really has a spectacular sense of timing though. Lately he has been keeping his mother up during the all-important nap time. I’ve tried to tell him this is not how you get on your mom’s good side but he doesn’t seem to care. I love it. He’s ruthless. The bad part is that apparently my snoring has been keeping the Mrs up at night. So neither one of us are in her good graces at this time. Won’t be the last time, I’m sure, but we really should help each other out ya know? Same team Nolan!

Ok so I think it’s pretty obvious what we have on our hands: a hockey player. Anybody else getting this? No? Let me help.
Ruthless – check.
Mild violence with a crucial right hook – check.
Cuteness to help land a smokin’ hot wife (a la Carrie Underwood) – check.
These three qualities are the crucial makeup of a hockey star. C’mon, it is well known hockey players (while maybe missing a couple teeth) have the hottest wives (how is Care-Bear #7!?) next to NASCAR drivers and, of course, engineers. And what do we all have in common? Innate toughness and missing teeth — you bet!

It’s becoming more and more apparent he is taking after his dear old dad.
Pure unparalleled awesomeness.

P.s. Mrs P: don’t worry about the whole losing teeth thing, it’s highly unlikely I’m right.

Disclaimer: The fact I’ve been watching hockey all night in no way influenced this post.

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