Styx & Braxton-Hicks

31 Jan

Mrs Pickle has always loved Styx. And by “love” I mean she one time, offhandedly mentioned that she used to dance/jump on her bed to Too Much Time on my Hands. Naturally I did what any husband would do:
I hung onto that nugget of info like it was a billion dollars and I bought her tickets to see Styx when they brought their geriatric — uh, I mean tour — through town last night.
Wow! Talk about amazing. These guys completely rocked out for two hours, balls to the walls, while a bunch of people our parents’ age rocked out with them. Oh and me. I rocked out. To every song. When they closed with Come Sail Away, I about cried. Even Baby Nolan was lovin the show; Mrs Pickle said he hardly stopped moving! I love classic rock, and it was a thrill to hear them and see them live. After a couple light brews I was takin off my bra and trying to throw it on stage. Thankfully the much more level-headed Mrs Pickle stopped me in what could’ve been my third most embarrassing moment ever. I don’t even know how I got a bra!
We walked out of the theatre realizing a few things. Old people are so much fun to watch at a rocks concert, and it’s hard to walk very fast when there is a baby deep in the pelvic region.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks in The Jar, especially for the Mrs. This whole being pregnant thing hasn’t been nearly as enjoyable as either of us imagined. Actually it’s been downright horrible. From the extended morning sickness to the tailbone pain, all the way to the news we got today putting her on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy… It’s been anything but fun. We often say “He’ll be worth it!”, and he will. But I do wish he was less of a pain in my ass. Correction: less of a pain in her ass.
Today in a check up with a specialist we’ve been seeing, the ultrasound tech exclaimed, “Oh! That’s a contraction!”. The Mrs and I exchanged a look of “HUH!?!”. Being assigned to bed rest at 26 weeks means we don’t need to speed this up anymore and to us, contractions lead to babies. We’d just like ours to cook up just a little longer, ya know?
The specialist assured us that these contractions are normal (don’t worry, the internet told me they really are “ok”…. bonjour) but if she felt more than 4 in an hour, call her doctor. Great. Not that we needed anything more to be paranoid about! Now we are pretty sure we feel them every ten seconds. I had heard Braxton-Hicks can be tricky…. I am starting to treat it like a rattlesnake : a lot of things (especially locust) sound like a rattler, but only a rattlesnake is a rattlesnake.
So with all this being said, we’ve turned a corner and are finally headed down the home stretch. The downside is that this home stretch is about 10 times longer than we imagined. If you have any hobby ideas for Mrs Pickle to try out for the next handful of weeks, let us know. We are all ears! It was so much fun to be able to catch one last hurrah of the great Tommy Shaw before she was confined to rest. She’ll now get a chance to catch up on naps, play with Moegley, read a few novels, and call her husband often while he’s at work.

Don’t worry, I like it.

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