Baby On Board

4 Feb

I am a pretty quick learner. I learned even before I asked Mrs. Pickle to marry me that she was right. Pretty observant, right? So there should be no surprise I’ve already figured out that there are many decisions that have to be made in the ~9 months leading up to the birth. Some are easy and some are difficult. Some are just ridiculous.

The easiest one would revolve around what room the nursery will be in. The hardest surprisingly is figuring out which diapers to use. The most asinine? Whether or not to display a “Baby on Board” sign in your vehicle.

I mean seriously, who came up with this idea? Let’s all put up signs advertising the precious cargo (and thousands of $$ in gear) we have riding with us in this car. EXCUSE ME! RIGHT OVER HERE! YEAH ME! I HAVE A BABY IN HERE!!! I can understand if you would like people to be more cautious. But what happens when, in a fit of nearsightedness, the person behind you causes an accident trying to read that little yellow sign? What good does a cautionary sign really do? Is it just a way to garner attention for all those people who just want to tell the world they have a beautiful (in their eyes) baby in the vehicle but they can’t seem to get the guy in the turn lane next to them to roll down their window?? I thought attention-grabbing was left for F-book. If I really wanted attention I’d say screw the “Baby on Board” sign and go straight for this:












So c’mon, let’s make the world a safer place. Don’t hang Baby on Board signs. Don’t let your friends hang Baby on Board signs. Hell, break into your Chatty Cathy neighbor’s Lexus and remove theirs too for all I care.

On a brighter note, and what really spurred this horrible post, is this delightful video from Homer and the Be Sharps.

Homer.. you’re a square and I fundamentally disagree with you.


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