A(nother) New Adventure!

6 Feb

The last couple of weeks have been extremely exciting for me, personally. Let me back up to a long, long time ago — when I was just a wee young lad. I may have mentioned it before, because I seem to find some sort of pride in this little fact, but my parents used to set me in front of a sports game and I would be content for hours. I trace all of my fanatical following of sports back to this early childhood development. Through the years my love and passion for the world of sports grew, and probably reached an unhealthy level. I like to think that after I met Mrs. Pickle I came back to earth a little bit and rejoined reality, which happens to include a lot of things other than sports. That all being said it is a rare day that I do not watch some sporting event, or SportsCenter. When I am in Calgary on business, I even prefer SportsCentre.

It’s 9 minutes long and worth it all.

No really go back. Watch it.

Are you done? Did you at least get to the Thanksgiving joke? Ok then, let’s proceed.

In the driveway of my house I used to spend hours playing 1-on-1. By myself. While commentating the game. Myself. I mean I was the cake and I ate it too. For a long time while growing up all I wanted to become was a sportscaster and/or sportswriter. Then I got older and realized the world of sportswriting is just downright cruel. Did you know that not everyone gets to work for ESPN?? I decided to head a different direction for my career, and I couldn’t be happier. But — as all who know this blog know by now — the Jar is never at rest. We always find one more thing to do; one more adventure to embark on.

So without further adieu I am letting all of my 7 tremendously dedicated followers know that I have joined a MLB blog for the Colorado Rockies as a staff writer. (Please don’t panic, it is not a full-time position and I am keeping the job that currently pays the bills/mortgage.) The blog is called Rox Pile and I am very, very excited to join them in analysis of the Rockies. What can I say, childhood dreams die hard! Feel free to follow along and give me any feedback you’d like. Just don’t say anything controversial, or mean, or just plain hurtful. Because I know each and every one of you, and I will hunt you down.

Just kidding.

But seriously.

Go check it out!



One Response to “A(nother) New Adventure!”

  1. eric February 8, 2013 at 1:58 pm #

    so you can click on the colorado rockies on sports illustrated and find a link to your article now….kinda cool

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