That’s My Boy

4 Mar

This last weekend we were able to come home from the hospital — what a relief! Two weeks of hospital anything is more than enough. This last weekend we were also treated to lots and lots of family who came to visit the Mrs. which is always a fun time. Hectic, sure. But it is also so nice to have so much support. We truly are blessed!!

Let me just start by saying our nephew is ridiculous. In fact, all day today we’ve been following his trail around our house. Starting in the basement, where the dog bed became his seat on the couch while watching Wipeout, to my change jar dumped out in the bedroom (and maybe down the heat register?) and anything you can imagine in between — that 3-year old left his mark. We love it. No really, we love it! Granted, having a quarter roll of toilet paper with associated surprise left in the guest toilet was almost a little more than I had planned for a Monday night, but we still love it. Even tonight before she fell asleep the Mrs. and I joked about all we have to look forward to.

The kid is always full of energy, and often the Mrs and I wonder if our baby boy will behave similarly. I mean, boys are boys and boys will be boys so what really could be different!? I wish I could find my nickels from my change jar for every time I heard the girls say, “He’s all boy!” this weekend. I often thought to myself, “That’s my boy!” — and yes I know, he’s not my boy. I say it more in the vein of the great actor Will Ferrell; think “BLUE! YOU’RE MY BOY BLUE!!!” from the instant classic film Old School.

What made me say something like that? How bout when he wiped his greasy hands on his jeans to take a fresh chocolate chip cookie from his mom. Or when he sumo-body slammed Mrs. Pickle’s egg crate matttress pad from the hospital. Then he got up and finished the unresponsive piece of foam off with a beaut of an elbow drop.
Now what are some things that will make me say “That’s my boy!” with my future son? How bout this list for starters:
Wearing a baseball cap.
Throwing a ball, any ball, hard.
Flirting with the pretty girls.
Catching fish.
Shooting a gun.
Climbing a tree.
Making something on wheels go fast.
Respecting his elders, and women.
Working in the garage.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a list of expectations. It’s more just a short list of memories, times that I remember of my childhood and things that I relate to being a man. Because at the end of every day he’ll always be my boy and for that, no matter what he does, I’ll always be grateful.


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