Das Gherkin

25 Mar

Yesterday a good friend’s mother wrote me a note on the FBook and mentioned thoughts for “you, Mrs Pickle, and the Gherkin”. What a clever nickname and you’re crazy if you think I’m not gonna use it! I wondered aloud if she may read this blog, so if she indeed does — Thanks DSK! (Also, I am now slightly more aware of my atrocious English composition).
So there you have it, I will from now on haphazardly refer to my dear son Nolan as The Gherkin. Or when I feel particularly German about it, Das Gherkin (complete with accompanying accent).

Baby Nolan is doing fantastically well. Better than I think either Mrs Pickle or I dreamed he would. He is hitting the major milestones, i.e. eating a full feeding, breathing on his own, regulating body temp, etc. and give us tons and tons of joy. He doesn’t realize it yet, but I feel a little silly about how giddy he makes me. Eh, whatever. I am a Dad, I’m a man, and I can do whatever I want. It’s better than Mike Gundy and his whole “I’m a man! I’m 40!” spiel.

The next couple of weeks will be huge leaps for the little guy as his neural capacity begins to improve and he “magically” picks up things like how to use a bottle, and how to completely regulate his body temperature. I say “magically” because the engineer side of me (read: my entire brain) doesn’t allow for artsy-fartsy interpretation of when he is able to take a bottle or not. It’s not magic! It’s black or white and it is learned. I can’t comprehend him just one day, all of a sudden, rooting and giving the nurse the sign that he wants his bottle — because his brain doesn’t know what his bottle is! I feel like we need to teach him to ask for that bottle… and I am obviously the Yoda for this dear Gherkin.
However I have been wrong before (once) and I’ll leave open the possibility I’ll be wrong again. And I’ll just roll with it because I”M A MAN! I’M 25!

Mrs Pickle and I sincerely appreciate all of the thoughts, prayers, well-wishes, and other nice gestures that have been given to us over the past 10 days. Keep him in your thoughts as he continues to move forward!!


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