It’s a Mom Thing

28 Mar

Baby Nolan is quickly approaching two weeks old. Wow. Two weeks already? That doesn’t seem possible. I am going to be completely cliché and just say it: time flies.

In the last week he has made some amazing advances i.e. breathing on his own sans oxygen, sucking the heck outta of a pacifier, regulating his body temp, not spewing his feeding after he eats it… you get the picture. He is gaining weight quickly and just the most perfect little boy I’ve ever seen. I am not bias.

Over the last couple of weeks it has also been amazing to watch Mrs Pickle and her momhood. I guess I read once or heard from somewhere that as soon a mom becomes a mom something really mom-like happens to them and they just morph into this perfect… mom. Seriously it is amazing. All of the sudden they just know what to do. Yesterday was the prime showcase of this.

Every time something in the slightest was wrong, Mrs Pickle was all over it. When I couldn’t figure out how to button his clothes back together after a very successful (though lengthy) diaper change, she covered him back up in 0.5 seconds. Or when I gingerly, fearfully raised him onto my shoulder to help his breathing she just chuckled and reached over to turn his head out so that he could actually breathe. I had no clue babies couldn’t breathe when their nose was buried in your shoulder — go figure! And when he was done with his feeding and started to spit up just a tiny bit of milk I just freaked out like “WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!?!?!?!?” but out of no where Mrs Pickle was there with a cloth to clean off his face. It’s like this weird 6th sense. It’s a total mom thing.

I completely love watching her swoop to the rescue because I completely love watching her be a mom. It’s not like she is hanging there waiting for me to mess up, I don’t ever feel like that. She just instinctively knows when Nolan needs her. And then there she is. It makes me smile every time and it gives me comfort knowing that Nolan will truly be in the best hands every day. His moms.


Ok, enough mushy-gushy. PICTURES!!



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