Opening Day!!!

1 Apr

EVERYBODY!!!! It’s the best day of the year. No, not because of April Fools day — I am way too gullible to be a prankster. NO Mrs. Pickle, not just because it is the start of your birth month. IT IS OPENING DAY OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!! Baseball is finally back!! I am stoked. Actually let’s ratchet that up a level: I am giddy like a school girl who just was asked to the prom. In other words I am acting like my mother did when she was on her way to hold Baby Nolan for the first time. I am about to hyperventilate into oblivion. Yeah. It’s that serious.

There is almost no better start to a sports season than baseball. The grass is green, beer is colder, days are hotter, hot dogs and hamburgers are smoking on the grill, and if you’re my brother then for some reason shirts suddenly become optional. It is the best time of the year. A time filled with hope and optimism for just about anything, this is the start of everything great about America. Beer, brats, baseball. Boom.

For those closet fans of the Nippon Baseball League (like myself) I know that baseball really started three days ago. But I can’t ever truly watch the Seibu Lions on their march to the Nippon Series other than the early morning scoreboard scouring, so… I lean toward this day being slightly better. Sorry. But how awesome is it that NPB scratched that lousy extra-innings time limit!?!?

After today all baseball fans will start down that precarious pathway of the ups and downs of a 162-game season. Some days we love our team, some days we don’t. If you are a Rockies fan like myself you are just hoping Jhoulys Chacin doesn’t give up 15 runs in 4 IP today. How long until Nolan Arenado gets a call-up from the Springs to fill in at 3B? Will Tyler Colvin find his swing or get traded for some pitching? Every year for the past 20 has been a total rollercoaster ride for the fans of the Rockies, why would this one be any different!? I just hope we do better than “baseball expert” Keith Law’s egregious 53-win prediction. I ran out a 77 win prediction for the Rockies on the RoxPile blog I contribute to… which may be a little aggressive, I’ll admit. But where in the world did he come up with 53? Ok, so he is a self-professed “food lover, boardgamer, & heavy-reader”. He also worked in the Blue Jays front office. Obviously he knows a lot about being a loser.

Oh, was that a low blow? So is 53 wins, Keith. #SorryImnotSorry.

On this great day I found it only right to don Baby Nolan in his old school baseball uniform style onesie and knit hat that Grammie made. What a dapper dude!!!


I just blew the dust off my AM radio and plugged it in. It is all tuned in and ready for the Rockies’ first game live from Milwaukee. I can’t wait until I can come home from work and plop Nolan in my lap on the couch to watch 9 innings of pure joy. Or if you’re Keith Law, pure agony. He must hate baseball to come up with predictions like that. Every time I hear his name I picture him looking like Keith Stone, mullet and all. I was shocked to see he actually looks normal.
Ok, ok I’ll stop.

No I won’t. This guy just stepped into the #1 spot on my arch-nemesis list. Until next time, Keith… Muuwahahahah

Enjoy Opening Day!!!


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