A Room Fit for a King

4 Apr

Now that Nolan has made his ever-so anxiously awaited early arrival (pause for effect…..) we have finally put the finishing touches on his room. You know, the nursery. The place that he will never truly have the ability to appreciate though will spend countless hours in?

I have such a knack for being completely non-bias on subjects such as these that I make a Supreme Court Justice look like he has skin in the game, so trust me when I tell you this room is more royal than a palace chamber. As you probably know we never wanted to get too much into a “baby” room, but wanted to stay more modern. None of those stencils on the walls, no themes of Lions or Tigers or Bears (oh my!), and none of those pastel baby colors. We needed a room for a man — a miniature man if you will. The end result is a room that I myself am sort of jealous of. So you know Baby Nolan is going to love it.

Enough of my jabber, here are some pictures! Sorry for the low quality… but you get the idea.

Nolan's Room - 1 Nolan's Room - 3 Nolan's Room - 4

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