A Quick Update

13 Apr

I haven’t blogged for a little while for a couple reasons, namely that I now have a son that consumes my attention. He doesn’t demand it, he doesn’t even know I think of him constantly… It’s just natural. The other side of my absence has been frustration and I decided I shouldn’t write when I’m upset — I’d say things that I wouldn’t regret but would probably have to apologize for. No need for that!

This whole fatherhood thing has been a trip. Easily the most amazing part has been the education. With a full-term baby there is plenty to learn about. With a pre-mature baby I would argue there is even more. From learning about bradycardia to immature eyes and babies not having tears (just learned that today) I have picked up a barrel of knowledge I never thought I’d need. It has been fun to get immersed in all of this.

As far as baby Nolan goes, he is changing so much. That is by far the hardest part of having a baby in the NICU — not being able to spend as many minutes as you’d like with them. The Mrs and I have joked often that we are “part-time” parents; the jokes punch line actually stings a little. But we know this is a short battle for a much greater overall reward. Nolan is gaining weight, eating exclusively from a bottle, and just being a baby. We couldn’t love him more!

My mind is full of ideas for what I want to talk about. If only my eyes weren’t so sleepy…
But you at least deserve a picture.


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