Boston State of Mind

16 Apr

I try not to write about current events, even more so do I try to avoid current tragedy. But for some reason this Boston Marathon incident that happened yesterday is sticking with me. I am not from Boston, I sadly have never been to Boston. The closest connection I have to Boston is that my best friend and college roommate has a lot of family there. I have been an avid Boston Red Sox fan for most of my life (yes, even before they won a championship), but that’s as close as I get. So why does this particular disaster seem so close to me?

Thanks to the advent of social media I was very aware of the bombing only 5 minutes after it was reported as having happened. Of course I knew it was Patriots Day — I had been watching the Sox on my computer at work that morning — and was just getting curious as to how the marathon was going. I had laughed earlier in the day at this tweet I had read that basically said “Too bad your governor doesn’t love you enough to give your state a holiday”.

04-16-2013 7-42-33 AMI couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I still can’t really process it. Excuse me, what just happened? A bomb? Detonated? At the finish line?! My first thought was hoping that there weren’t many injuries and no deaths. Thankfully the number of those killed did not rise through the day; unfortunately so many were injured. My second thought, and perhaps this is why this incident sticks to my ribs, was simple: “Where are we truly safe? What does ‘safe’ even mean??”. See, it wasn’t the fact that yet another mass disaster had struck our Nation. It was deeper than that. If a runner can not enjoy the grueling task of completing a marathon in peace, if a child can not go to an elementary school without making their parents sick, if an adult can not enter their place of work without being on high alert for anything suspicious… what is this world for?

This all is accentuated now with having brought another person into this world that I and my wife are solely responsible for. His well-being lies on our shoulders. How could I be expected to know if a place I am taking him is going to be the last? I can’t. And that is the gut-punch. Can I live my life, our life, my family’s life in fear of what could happen next? Is that any way to live? No. There is no reason to live your life in fear. So we have to go on living our life with as much normalcy as we can… whatever that is.

It is painful to see (usually) one person hurt so many with such ease and such cowardice. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, to see that agony on a fellow human being’s face is taxing. In this world where news is instant we are exposed to these terrors at a different level then we could probably imagine. I’ve seen images in the last 24 hours that truly break my heart. I won’t share them, because I don’t feel they were fair to be taken in the first place. But that is what the news is. Thankfully not everything newsworthy in Boston was tragic yesterday. The stories that have poured in showing people running toward the explosions are overwhelming. The medical personnel, the fire fighters, the police officers, the innocent by-standers lending their hand.. this all reminds us that we are a humane society. And that is a slight relief. I have heard and read many people say the following statement in a variety of ways: “For every bad person that seeks to hurt us, there are hundreds and thousands of others that seek to do what is right, that genuinely want to help each other, and want to do good in this world.”. That is the truth that we all must remember in a time like this. Everyday make an effort to be kind to people you see — to love everyone. As the great Will Ferrel says: ELE. Everybody love everybody.

Lives have been changed by what happened yesterday. 3 families have been torn apart. Over 100 other families will never be the same. Boston you’re on my mind.


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