A Dog and His Boy

22 May

Nolan Wayne is growing wayyyyy too fast. I just finished feeding the little monster 5 ounces of breast milk — which I consider a ton for a 2-month old baby, let alone a preemie. One thing he has always excelled at has been eating, proven by his 9 lbs 6 ounce weigh-in during today’s bath time. The kid is a total chunk. But we see other improvements too like the fact he no longer dies (literally) every time we feed him, and that he didn’t die (again, literally) today when we left the oxygen off for 10 hours. Whoops, parenting fail. At any rate the baby boy is growing and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Relax, I’m not going to whine write about all of the ways we may fall short at parenting or cry over discuss how sobering it is to watch him grow even over a short time. No, none of that. As I was feeding Nolan tonight our family dog Moegley (or Moe, or Moegley-butt, or Moegers, or Moegley Jones WHO? Moegley Jones — sorry to anyone over 35 and under 15 that probably didn’t get that reference….) came in and laid down at the doorway. He even brought his Bank of the West stuffed bear — the only toy that Moe will ever play with is that bear, ever — and just plopped down at the threshold of Nolan’s room. How neat is that?

I inherited Moegley as my dog when Josie agreed to a bona-fide Facebook-official relationship on December 12, 2010 (Not that anyone is keeping track…) but things were not always smooth sailing with him and I. At first he vehemently hated my guts. In fact for the first 10 months I was around, Moe would hide under the bed, in the closet, or anywhere else he could be sure I wouldn’t bother him. I think it perplexed the Mrs that her dog hated me so deeply, because when I was around he wouldn’t even so much as look at her. In hindsight I am pretty damn lucky she agreed to marry me. In any case, Moegley suddenly warmed up to me after about a year and we have been pseudo-buddies ever since.

Moegley warmed up to Nolan much faster. In fact, from the time Mrs Pickle went on bed-rest at 24 weeks pregnant Moe was usually found not more than 15 feet away from the pair. He also became a very vicious guard dog which was just weird. Moegley is the most laid back dog I have ever been around, to the point where I didn’t hear him bark for over a year. Seriously. Over a year and no barking. That is not the case anymore. Since the moment that Moe became aware of Nolan in the womb, he has paid special attention that anyone who gets too close knows they will have to deal with a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier with abnormally long legs. Completely, totally, fierce.
After Nolan was born and we got our baby home from the NICU is when you could really see the bond. Moe had never even seen Nolan, and had only smelled the birth goo on a delivery blanket a couple of times yet they were attached almost instantly.  It has been absolutely crazy at times how much he watches out for Nolan. If we lay the Nolanator on the floor, Moe finds the closest door and lays down between that door and his baby. If Nolan is in the crib, Moegley is usually at the doorway making sure nothing crazy could happen. If not there then he lays right next to the crib. Even when Noles starts throwing fits, screaming at the top of his little lungs, Moe doesn’t run. Yes, the dog that is scared of his own food dish, the dog who can’t climb up two hardwood steps without totally biffing it, the dog that is afraid of his own shadow just sits there and keeps watch over his baby. It is truly amazing.

I don’t think, no I know that our baby boy has no clue the friend he has already made in his short time on earth. We do. I can only imagine the fun they will have together like two peas in a pod. They are pretty much soul mates with so much in common. They both just like to eat, sleep, and poop. I am sure Nolan will enjoy running circles in the yard as fast as his legs will carry him one day, which is the only thing Moegley does that Nolan can’t yet. It is a match made in heaven a dog and his boy.

IMG_1282 IMG_1045


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