It Was Great-Great

15 Jul

Grandparents. They are the only people in the world that are allowed, completely allowed, to spoil the crap out of you as a child without any repercussions. They also are full of wisdom and advice which come in handy as you grow and mature. All around, Grandparents are people in your life that are meant to be cherished.

It is not very often that you are able to meet Great-Grandparents. I myself only met one of my Great-Grandparents that I remember, and she was well into her 90’s. I will never forget sitting in her living room and listening to her tell stories about my ornery Grandfather, his brothers, and her time working during WWI — among many other topics. I will never forget her or her stories. She passed away at age 98; she lived an incredible life.

Nolan has many Great-Grandparents that he has been loved on by already, 2 on my side and 2 on my wife’s. It is always a treat to get to see him held by any one of them and you really have to stop and cherish what is going on. I mean, think about that. Great-Grandparents are 4 generations from Nolan. That is insane! They would even argue that the fact they are GREAT gives them double the spoiling privileges. I wish I could stop these rebels but then again, I am only a Dad. Hopefully the Baby Pickle will get to know them and the fascinating, fantastic people they are. The look of joy and love in their eyes when they get to hold him never gets old.


GREAT-Grandma K


GREAT-Grandpa Kenny


GREAT-Grandma Myra

Recently, while on our family vacation to Iowa, Baby Pickle even got to meet his Great-Great Grandmother. Yes, that’s right, Great-Great. 5 generations between the two of them. Let it sink in… What are the odds?
The whole situation was pretty extraordinary, and Nolan as usual stole the show. It is as if he knows when there are memories being made, and choses to make them even better. (He also has a knack for knowing when Mom and Dad are at the end of our ropes, and likes to make those moments less enjoyable… but that’s neither here nor there). Josie’s Great-Grandmother is under nursing home care though you wouldn’t know it if you met her. She is spry at 89 years old, and witty to boot. She always has a sly comment and a smile to go with it. When we walked into her room with Nolan I swear she broke into tears. That is how huge the moment was for her. She knew we were coming, she knew we had our baby with us, and she still was shocked when we came walking in. First things first, she says, “Oh Josie, He is BEAUTIFUL”… and then “Do I get to hold him??” Yes Grandma, you do. And hold him she did. She held him for a good hour that first day, and then the second day an hour more… she held him and held him and held him; we wondered if we were ever going to get our baby back. In fact at one point, she needed to get back to her room and when Josie’s Aunt went to take him out of her arms, Great-Grandma wouldn’t let go! Again, this moment Nolan may never remember other than in pictures, but what a moment it was for all of us.

Hopefully he will get to be held by her again and again, and get to crawl around her great-great feet, feeling her great-great love.


Nolan with GREAT-GREAT Grandma Marge

NOTE: Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Nolan and his fourth Great Grandparent, GG — my Oma. We plan to fix that soon 🙂

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