Let’s Get This Straight

25 Oct

I like my wife. I like her a lot. She is smart, funny, easy to talk to, cool, determined, supportive, stubborn, punctual, attentive, comfortable, diligent, hard-working, and breath-taking gorgeous. I really, really like her and I prefer to spend the majority of my time with her.

Far too often in our present day society wives are seen more as the “ball and chain”, the person that just takes care of the house and kids. Please don’t misunderstand me — not every guy I know feels this way. But it seems that regularly the guys I am around look at me with an odd sideways glance because, instead of heading to every golf outing, happy hour, or other shenanigan… I say I’d rather go hang out at home with my family. I grow consistently tired of hearing the complaining and whining about their other halves — dude, why are you with her? I don’t like having to give that uncomfortable, forced little smile and nod when you’re saying “Those women, am I right?!” because I don’t really think you’re right at all, but it’s too exhausting to argue with you about it. I’m over it so I’m just going to say it — I like my wife.

Look, I’m not wanting or trying to be some super-hero husband. There are times when I am point blank just not a very good one at all. But I don’t want to feel like the outkast (I did that on purpose — shout out to the big homie Andre 3000) of the group. Hey! It’s perfectly ok to like the person YOU PROMISED TO SPEND YOUR LIFE WITH! I’m just saying. Trying to purposely spend time away from her, or downplaying the importance she has on both mine and Nolan’s life to be seen as a “man”, is just senseless.

I found this blog entry (link below) recently from the guys over at The Good Men Project, and I have to share it because it resonates these feelings and is probably much more well written.

Am I Weird Because I Like My Wife?



One Response to “Let’s Get This Straight”

  1. Andie Duncan November 3, 2013 at 7:51 am #

    Real men like their wives … good on ya’ man!

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