It’s a Resolution

4 Jan

I don’t usually subscribe to making New Year’s resolutions. I would love to be a much better person every year, but the let down in February makes me eat too much chocolate, which goes straight to my hips and makes April and May complete hell. Ok, sure, I hang a couple benign goals out there but I don’t make a huge deal about meeting them. Would I love to not lash out in frustration whenever someone says something stupid? Yes. It hasn’t developed well over the past 10 years, but as ye ol’ William Edward Hickson once said : Try, try again.

All in all, I’m not a resoluter. A resolver. A resolutionist. No… I’m just a male, third-aged, and white. Which is exactly why I have set my sights on a much different sort of goal for 2014: Being more like BatDad.

BatDad is cool. BatDad is calm. BatDad wears a bat mask!! Sure he might be just a tad gruff, but he is all about keeping both household and neighborhood in good hands. Also, getting the kids to school on time. And he encourages good manners, such as keeping your shoes on when in a car, or saying a simple “please”. Now this – in 21st century America – is a true role model folks. So I am currently on the hunt for a bat mask. If anyone wants to donate to my fund for becoming the BatDaddy of Them All please feel free. I am always open to taking other people’s money. Jokes, jokes… I’d totally use it to buy a cape. And those Batman onesie pajamas I keep seeing at Target.

One more video. This guy… He gets it.

Check him out on YouTube or you could be like me and buy one of his cool t-shirts!
Right now my wife is saying to herself, or out loud, “Oh please no, he didn’t”…………… Or did I??

JOSIE! Get up!….The day…is wasting.

See? I’m a natural.


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