It’s Been A While

22 Jun

Life moves really, really quickly. It moves at speeds that are hard to comprehend — mostly because they aren’t a speed at all. But somehow, it continuously gets quicker! Take the past 6 months for instance. I’ve had plenty of things to write about, but between Nolan, a new job and new company, and all of life’s other quirks I am lucky (and exhausted) to get to bed by 10 PM each night.

Now how old does that sound? Most nights I am truly wanting to be in bed at 8, but now with the summer in full swing it is really hard to get into that wind-down mindset before 9:30. Take tonight for instance: Nolan is getting a bath and the sun hasn’t quite set. Earlier this spring he would have already been in bed for 45 minutes! So while Josie supervises the monster for a few minutes I thought I would quickly list out what has transpired in the Pickler Jar for the past 6 months. I’ll also take a moment to make a passing promise to write more often; I miss it.

Since we last spoke, the Jar has been a whirlwind.

Nolan’s hands healed up incredibly well. He will never remember that he touched that scorching hot fireplace back on the third day of the new year, but the Mrs and I will never forget. In either case his resiliency is mind-blowing.

In the middle of January we took our first airplane ride with Nolan — a 1 hr hop to SLC to see Uncle Caleb and Aunt Kate. Nolan flew like a pro. I regret not writing about my first experience in an airport with bags in tow.

In February we sold the house we had purchased just before we were married, and moved to the complete opposite side of Denver to a small town with new construction. The entire process, from offer on the new place to listing our existing home, to closing took less than 4 weeks. I know this for fact because the entire month is only 28 days long, we closed on the last day of the month, and I like math.

In March our little guy turned 1 year old!!!! At 1 yr he had two teeth, a lot of spunk, could stand up but not quite walk, would carry on a jabbersation with anyone who would listen, and loved anything carbohydrate. It was awesome to have his birthday party and the fact that we had nearly 50 people come to celebrate re-affirmed how much love that little boy has.

In April we adopted a puppy from the local rescue. He is a black lab mix, and fits into our family incredibly well. There are probably a lot of people that question why we would add yet another challenge to our hectic lives when we already have our hands (arguably) full. The answer is love. “We have love in our hearts to give”, Josie told me one afternoon and she is right, so we decided to try sharing it. There will be tons of stories about Baloo, Moegley, and Nolan but for now you’ll have to be satisfied knowing that Moe dislikes Baloo, Baloo loves everyone, and Nolan has the two best friends anyone could have. Baloo is now almost 9 months old and he has adjusted incredibly well to our home, or we have adjusted well to him — I’m not sure which. Nolan also started walking toward the end of April. I mean fully coordinated walking. That opened up a whole new set of challenges for us, and adventures for him.

In May we bought a camper. A travel trailer. It’s awesome. We’ve already taken several trips in it and I personally am stoked for all of the memories that will be made in this addition over the years. We’ve went to Cañon City to see the Royal Gorge, and stayed local for a quick weekend. I keep telling Jos it is just like a home away from home… and while she doesn’t agree wholly she does love going camping much more than she did as a kid. We’re being camper snobs and targeting parks with full hookups. Deal with it.
At the beginning of May, the Mrs and I took our first full vacation away from Nolan. It was much needed, both for us and for him. We came back to him sleeping in until 8:00 am. We might need to do these vacations more often if that is the results we get.
— Nolan just came running over after his bath to offer his help on this one. He finds incredible enjoyment in pounding on the keyboard, and opens the desk drawer just to get out the calculator. I love this boy —

Which brings me to June. So far in June we’ve managed to keep a low profile. We’ve even spent a couple weekends at home! Today is a particularly special day though, as Josie and I celebrated our 2-yr anniversary. And that really is what has brought me back to the keyboard. In the past few days I’ve been reflecting on all that has happened, not only in the past 6 months but over the past 2 years. We’ve bought 2 homes, and sold one. We have purchased two vehicles, and a camper trailer. We’ve traveled across country and across state. We’ve somehow managed to keep our baby boy alive, and because we didn’t have enough to do we adopted a dog. I changed jobs, twice. We’ve loved, argued, cherished, laughed, cried, struggled, succeeded, and we have somehow continued to end up each day more blessed than the last. So no matter how long it is between updates on the Pickle Jar, just know that a few good stories are not far away.


Workin’ on his tan burn


Campin’ trip


The Camper


Nolan and Baloo


Birthday King


Cast, first airplane trip, and Broncos Football — all in one weekend!


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