Wait! Don’t Put That in Your Mouth!

6 Jul

Have you ever turned around, or looked down, to find your toddler with something in their mouth? Something foreign? Or maybe it’s not foreign, but it’s actually that dog toy that’s been affectionately chewed on for the past week? With Nolan this is happening more and more as the boy gains independence. Take these past few days for instance: while on vacation we’ve pulled everything from fireworks to dog toys from his jaw… Some coming more willing then others. My most used phrase has been, “Wait! What is in your mouth?!” He’s found pebbles and dirt, or his great-great grandma’s walker chair, or flowers & leaves. Everything goes in for a taste test, most things stick around to help the digestive process.
Above and beyond the fiber that Noles has consumed this trip, there have been some great memories created. We’ve attended our annual minor league baseball game & fireworks, shot off our own fireworks, went to the zoo, and visited plenty of family. These vacations with a toddler and demanding but tons of fun. He hates the car seat, snores in the car seat, is skeptical of people and then gives them kisses. He runs from you and then runs to you and cries for you to pick him up.

Vacations like this also remind us of how much he is growing up. Seeing family that haven’t seen him for months remind us that he has developed a lot more than we realize — regardless of everything he has to put in his mouth.

Our little boy is growing u-HEY! Get that dog’s ear out of your mouth!!!






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