2 Jan

I am by no means a movie buff, but I have a best friend that is and all throughout college he would constantly drop one-liners on me then question my cinematic knowledge. More times than not, I would let him down… but every once in a while I would come up with the correct movie. Due to these pop quizzes I actually became pretty proficient at movie trivia.

One of my favorite movies is Anchorman, and one of my favorite parts is when Ron Burgundy stops a party because he has an “urgent and horrifying news story”… and then:

The Pickle Jar has unofficially absolutely totally adopted the term Cannonball as our family mantra, especially over the past 2 years. Basically everything we do is done without hesitation or second thought — just like an overweight, overly-hairy man in a speedo off of a diving board, am I right?

Speaking of urgent news stories we do have a rather large announcement to make. We’re having a baby! No seriously, we are. And by “we” I mean the Mrs.
She’s doing all of the hard work without a doubt and is doing a knock-out job so far. We are sitting at about 17 weeks along and everything is progressing along quite nicely — especially considering the fact that this pregnancy has been deemed high risk due to Nolan’s premature arrival. In reality the hardest parts of this pregnancy have been the blood draws, which are never easy with the Mrs’ vampire-esque veins. Oh, and that new weekly shot of a hormone that will help lower the risk of a second premature baby. Some headaches. A little nausea. Various other pains and aches. Fatigue. Shoot who am I kidding, this pregnancy has been a lot like the first: not very fun. I have already offered to schedule a vasectomy for ~March 18th (some people will understand that timing; others will not) but after today’s ultrasound Mrs Dill has pumped the breaks. Not only would it make about zero sense to take me out of commission for a couple of days while she is 6+ months pregnant, but we have another announcement:


Yep — that’s exactly what you think it is. That is a BOY! Two of them! In one house! It’s going to be legend-wait for it-dary! Legendary! Nolan is also incredibly excited. We have a picture of the first ultrasound on the fridge and he constantly is pointing to it and calling it “baby”. He also enjoys the ultrasounds and points at the screen saying baby about 15,000 times during the appointment. He has no clue that his baby is actually in Mama’s tummy.

I think Josie is still in a fair amount of shock, having to come to the realization that all the difficulties of raising Nolan Wayne now have a great chance of being repeated.
And that brings me to the second part of the brake check: she kind of wanted a girl. She wasn’t admitting it, but throw in the reality of another rambunctious boy destroying her house and she did express her desire for a little girl. So that all but insures we will be at least discussing another try — at some point — for a girl. Even if the odds may be more stacked against that happening then they were for Katniss Everdeen.

I was/am/will always be stoked. TWO BOYS! I feel like I won the lottery (sorry honey!). I already can’t wait to go do a bunch of man-stuff with my boys; I was already excited for trips with Nolan and I, and now we get to add another to the wolf pack. The three best friends that anyone can have and all that stuff. We’ll go fishing, and hunting, and work in the garage. It’s gonna be a blast.
Get this: Josie is even ok with the name Garth. Nolan Wayne and TBD Garth. Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Party Time! Excellent! Guys.. this could be epic!


On another note, WordPress sent me an email the other day and told me I had written only nine posts in 2014. That is incredibly pathetic! So one of my many goals of 2015 is to write much more about the adventures of our growing family. Believe me, the stories are always there. It is more about finding the time to put it together. I’m going to give it the old college try — I promise. If all else fails, I will at least do really well for the first few weeks just like all of my other resolutions. So you have that to look forward to!

Happy New Year to all! Here’s to a Cannonball 2015.


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