Breakfast In Bed

30 Jan

Over the course of a normal working day I get several updates from Josie. I would be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to these updates immensely! Sometimes they come as snapchats, sometimes as text, sometimes as video. Some days I get a phone call, and sometimes it is a FaceTime call. At any rate I can count on 2-3 times every day that Nolan and/or Mommy keep in touch. Thank God for modern technology!

But some of the best updates aren’t captured by video or picture. Take for instance a month ago when all of the sudden I was receiving an unexpected FaceTime call in the middle of my morning. Once I answered I was surprised to see Nolan’s face — covered in Sharpie marker. While the Mrs had turned her back for 10 ridiculously quick seconds, that little turd had figured out the cap to the marker and had colored one side of his cheek black. He was so proud! Seriously he just kept smiling at me and giggling like, “Look at me Dad, look what I did!”. It was hysterical and dumb-founding all at once. Luckily that marker, that was supposed to be permanent, came right off. Still not sure how we lucked out with that. I am also not sure how we didn’t snap a picture of his attempt at either shoddy blackface or excellent clown makeup..

Then there was an update I received a couple weeks back where all I got was this picture:
IMG_3824followed by a text message that said, “Yeah I’m not going to go anywhere with this kid today.” Can’t say I blame ya babe!

How about that time while I was away on a business trip, when I received another unexpected FaceTime call. As I answered I saw that it was just Nolan standing there jabbering away. That was not completely unusual — Josie usually will let Nolan start talking until he gets board and drops the phone — so I started talking to him. But after a few minutes I kind of got the feeling that the Mrs wasn’t around. “Where’s Mommy, Nolan?” He giggled with delight. He suddenly dropped out of the picture and I could tell by the bumpy video feed and his chubby legs that he was running over toward our kitchen to his mother who had been cooking supper and had no idea we had been chatting away. I still cannot come up with a sufficient explanation as to how he used FaceTime, successfully. There was another memorable FaceTime instance where the Mrs and I were cooking dinner and Nolan was playing upstairs with some of his toys. (That may sound like negligence but I encourage even the best child worker to follow him around for even just an hour and try to keep tabs on him. It’s futile.) Josie’s phone started ringing and as I handed it to her I saw it was my Dad — which was only odd because we had finished talking to him 15 minutes earlier with Nolan. He was just calling to let us know that Nolan had been video chatting with him for the past 5 minutes or so, sometimes hopping into the computer chair to talk to “Papa” and sometimes getting down to play with him toy. Guys… he isn’t even 2 years old yet!!

Another personal favorite was this picture I received while at work along with the caption, “Well this is new”:

What I am trying to say is that Nolan constantly is keeping us on our toes. He is always getting into something, climbing something, throwing something, doing something… and it usually isn’t parent approved. Also let me be clear, these instances don’t just happen to Josie, even if she does catch the brunt of them because she is busy working the busiest job in the world. Over the Christmas Holiday while I was home on vacation there was a brief period of time where Nolan was being too quiet — a dead give away that he is up to no good. We found him in the pantry stacking up boxes of crackers, instant potatoes, and pancake mix. Open pancake mix. The picture really doesn’t do the mess justice.

However nothing beats the update that I received just last week. Let me set the stage for you quickly: Nolan has begun to thoroughly enjoy movies, but he really insists on watching them in our room upstairs. He just kicks back among the mountain of pillows and lays there watching either Panes, Panda, Elmo, or Anna. Translated into adult language these four movies are Planes, Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, and Frozen. He has no qualms as long as his juice is full and he has some snack with him. Annnnnnnd that is where dear ol’ Dad starts to have a problem. You see…. I am not particularly fond of sleeping with crumbs. And Nolan has not yet learned the art of eating neatly — in bed or at the table for that matter. So when the Nolanator has crackers, or popcorn, or muffins in bed… there is usually a mess.
Which brings us to last week. I received a snapchat that had a cute caption of “breakfast in bed!”. I quickly looked passed the cuteness that is our son and text the Mrs back — “no eating in our bed!”. She quipped back something to the effect of “Fun-hater!!!” and that was that. Or so I thought. About 15 minutes later I receive this video below from my lovely wife and son:

Doggone kid dropped those muffins! I would like to think that this would be the last episode of Nolan’s Breakfast in Bed…. but it is unlikely. The joys of a toddler!


One Response to “Breakfast In Bed”

  1. jolenemariep January 31, 2015 at 9:52 am #

    Your son is so cute, i enjoyed reading this post

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