The Bread & Butter (Vol. 2017 | Issue 2)

27 Apr

Quick Hits:

  1. This week we celebrated Tad’s 2nd birthday. What a wild two years this has been!! He had no idea what all the fuss was about.
  2. Teething has hit Elise head-on. That poor girl is a slobbery, irritable, finicky mess.
  3. Over the weekend we get to visit Mimi & Papa’s house in Wyoming! The kids are excited to the point that while running errands today they were both asking if we were could just head straight there.

What We’re Grateful For:

With a fresh 2-year old in the house I have to brag on him a little bit. He has really grown over the past couple of months especially in the vernacular. Over the last weekend he actually strung together 3 words, properly, unprompted! Big stuff. While we continue to wonder what he is screaming at us 75% of the time, it has been fun to catch some civil “conversation” every once in a while. “Juuuuuus peeeeeees!”

What We’re Working On:

Sleeping in our own rooms. Well mostly this just applies to Nolan sleeping in his own bed. Over the past couple of weeks we have had a consistent visitor enter our domain each night right around midnight. For whatever reason he has decided that his bed just feels more comfy. Actually he used that exact excuse recently on the Mrs – “mama, my bed hurts! It’s just not comfortable like mom and dad’s bed”. Oh brother. If you have any suggestions on how to keep a kid in his own bed, aside from tow straps, I’m all ears.

The Best Party Ever:

For Trevor’s birthday party we took the kids and 8 of their friends to our local gymnastics center. The place is set up full of springboards, bars, beams, and  most importantly: a foam pit. All of the kids had a great time running all around the gym – in fact I don’t think I ever saw Trevor stop running – but most of all they enjoyed the trampoline run into the foam pit. We had plenty of head bonks, collisions, and squeals. Even the adults got in on the fun. Cousin Jax beat me climbing a peg board on the wall and Uncle Caleb dove to the bottom of the foam pit where he lost his socks, WWJD bracelet, and dignity. Actually we almost couldn’t get him out at all. No lie.

At one point Nolan came running past me stopping only long enough to say, “Dad! THIS IS THE BEST PARTY EVER!” So if you are ever wondering if a gymnastics party is a good fit for 2 – 5 year old kids (with a couple of outlier older ones), the answer is a resounding “yes”.


Noles gets tossed into the foam pit!


Birthday Boy!



One Response to “The Bread & Butter (Vol. 2017 | Issue 2)”

  1. Heidi Miller April 28, 2017 at 6:44 am #

    🙂 Love reading your blog. This is something you and your family will love to look back on someday.

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