The Bread & Butter (Vol. 2017 | Issue 3)

5 May

Quick Hits:

  1. Over the past weekend Miss Elise did a few rolls from back to front to back. As the Donald would say, “That’s huuuuuuuuge!”
  2. Last week we mentioned teething and E – Same applies this week. Poor girl has the front seat on the struggle bus.
  3. Sickness has hit again. It has been a brutal cold season for our house, literally having 1 kid sick any given day between January and now. Yesterday we found out Tad has bronchiolitis… again. We’re looking forward to summer.

What We’re Grateful For:

I am struggling with this one this week which likely underscores how important it is to keep remembering what we are grateful for.
Today we are visiting the Discover the Dinosaurs UNLEASHED attraction that is full of encounters with dinosaurs. I cannot wait to see the look on the boys’ faces as they see some of these dinosaurs in “life-like” form… The ability to do these things with my family makes me grateful at this moment.

What We’re Working On:

Diaper rash sucks. However we recently figured out another new thing about having a baby girl – yeast infections. We’ve been racking our brains for over a week trying all different concoctions of pastes, powders, and wipes to clear up Miss E’s rash but nothing was working. Finally we sought counsel from one of the Mrs’ friends and BAM the issue was clear as day. A quick trip to the doc confirmed it was indeed a yeast infection, and we’re now armed with the proper tools to hopefully put this one in the past. That poor girl thrives in spite of us.

I’m a Good Space Ship Driver:

Nolan has recently, suddenly become obsessed with the concept of driving a space ship. I am not sure where he picked this up, but he talks about it every single day. And to be clear, this is not a concept of wanting to be an astronaut. It is simply wanting to drive a space ship. I am telling you – his imagination is wild.
“Dad, we’re gonna build a space ship, just you and me. Mom can stay home. And it will have a red button, and you push it, and you BLAST OFF to the sky!”. Or he also came at me with this dialogue one afternoon this week, “Dad, dad. Dad, I’m a good space ship driver, huh dad? I am the best space ship driver there ever was! We can build a space ship Dad. That’s a good idea, right?!” Yes buddy, that is a fantastic idea. As I thought about ways to try and satisfy his appetite to experience a space ship, I remembered back to my childhood and one of our favorite hobbies: model rockets. $25 later, I had found a perfect rocket “space ship” on Amazon and it was en route to the house. The launch kit even comes with a red button to launch the rocket. I am hoping he will get as much joy out of it as I am going to. I still geek out on watching SpaceX launch real rockets, and tried to pass that on to Nolan this week with video of the most recent expedition. He was interested for about 10 seconds and then was off talking to someone about his dinosaurs….so this is going to be an interesting experiment.


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