The Bread & Butter (Vol. 2017 | Issue 4)

11 May

Quick Hits:

  1. It would be pretty cool if we could stay healthy… but alas, we cannot seem to catch a break. This week is Nolan’s turn, and he’s caught the same bug that Tad had. Great.
  2. Did you know knives are dangerous? Apparently our middle child does not. Add crawling onto the counter, grabbing a knife, and cutting open a box of ibuprofen to the growing list of “things Trevor does that drive his parents insane”. He wasn’t hurt, at least not by the knife.
  3. I really hate to even say this but Elise is back to sleeping through the night. If I had an answer as to how we did that, I would be a millionaire and you would never hear from me again.

What We’re Grateful For:

This week I set up my old keyboard piano that I got when I was about 12. In the past two months Nolan has been mesmerized by the movie Sing which is an amazing movie full of great songs. His favorite part is when Johnny sings I’m Still Standing and Nolan really gets to jammin’ on whatever is close by that vaguely pass as a piano, so I hauled the piano upstairs and gave him an actual set of keys to pound on. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly suggest it. And we are grateful every time we hear that little voice belting out old Elton John.

What We’re Working On:

Sharing. One day as I got home from work this week I saw a large trash bag stuffed full of unidentified objects, with a light saber sticking out the top. Nolan filled me in.
“Mommy is being naughty. Dad, mama packed up our toys and threw them out! But you’re gonna give them back, right Dada? That’s a good idea huh?”
The boys inability to get along finally pushed their mom over the edge and she packed up as many toys as she could grab and threw them into the garage. Her story is that she told them they “could sit on the couch, hug each other, and read a book”. I gave her a high-five – that’s a good woman.

I’m a Good Space Ship Driver (continued):

Score a point for dad. This past weekend after hearing all about the prospect of building a space ship, I purchased a model rocket kit from Amazon. Admittedly the kids are a little young for blasting off rockets into the sky, but I was dead set in getting Nolan to stop asking to build a space ship. So with fingers crossed we drove to an open field nearby and set everything up. After carefully going over several key safety factors with both boys, all of which were promptly neglected, we walked over to the controller. True to Nolan’s specs it had a red button. 3…2…1… – actually the countdown was to 4 and went more like this “19, 15, 9, 3, 5, 14…..4!” – he pressed as hard as he could with his little finger and WHOOSH! It was as awesome as I remember it being as a kid and the boys loved it too. They ran after it as it touched down; ok, maybe I ran after it too. What a blast. And it definitely made me feel good when Nolan’s first request was to send it to the sky again. We shot it off three times and exhausted our supply of engines but satisfied our desire to launch something off to Jurassic World. This week Noles asked if we could blast off the space ship, and I reminded him we didn’t have any engines. “Ok Dad, we need to go to the store, and we need more engines, huh Dad? Is that a good idea?”
Buddy… that sounds like a great idea.


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